Meet Central Europe Conference 2019


ATCSK in cooperation with associations of translation companies from the Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria has organised the 2nd year of the successful Meet Central Europe (MCE) Conference.

The 2nd edition of the MCE took place in Prague on 10 and 11 October 2019. Its aim was to share useful information and trends prevailing in the translation industry and create space for networking.

On the first day of the conference, the MCE Jobs Fair was held with the support of the Czech office of DGT to encourage the interaction between the representatives of translation agencies and translators. Jobs Fair was an ideal opportunity for translators not only to acquire new contacts with potential clients but also to meet them in person and discuss in detail the possibilities for cooperation.

The panel discussion organised by the Czech office of DGT, which offered the customers' perspective of translation services and presented practical tips on vendor management was also inspiring.

About the conference

MCE Conference focuses on topics connected with languages of Central and Eastern Europe and offers many interesting lectures on cooperation between translation service buyers and translators (vendor management), quality management, translation tools and other areas related to translation service provision.

MCE 2019 in numbers

The MCE 2019 in Prague welcomed around 360 participants from 36 countries around the world. The host country had the strongest representation - almost a quarter of the participants were from the Czech Republic. The countries with the highest number of participants also included Hungary, Austria, Poland, Germany and of course Slovakia. Two participants came from distant Argentina, thus confirming the prestige of the event.

Almost a third of the participants were translators or interpreters who used this opportunity not only to network but also expand their knowledge about the translation industry.

The representatives of the translation companies came as well as they are in contact with translation service providers on a daily basis.

The Association of Translation Companies of Slovakia is a proud co-organiser of this successful event which is slowly but surely building its stable position in the world of translation. Next year, you can participate in the MCE Conference 2020 in Innsbruck!