The mission of the Association of Translating Companies of Slovakia is to develop and improve the field of providing language services.

The Association of Translating Companies of Slovakia is a professional organisation bringing together providers of translation, interpreting, localisation and other language services. The association was founded in 2006 in Nitra.  

Since 2007, the Association has been a member of the European Union of Associations of Translation Companies - EUATC, based in Brussels, which brings together national associations of translation companies. More information about EUATC can be found at www.euatc.org.

The basic mission of the association is to bring together translation companies operating on the Slovak market and to represent them at meetings with domestic and foreign institutions and organisations. Among the other objectives, the Association places mainly support in education in the field of translation and interpretation services, which it implements through cooperation with Slovak universities. 

Its main priorities are:

  • bring together translation companies on the Slovak market, promote the interaction and cooperation of these companies
  • represent providers of translation services in Slovakia in international professional organisations and promote their interests in these organisations
  • increase the professional level of translation services in Slovakia by active activities for professional and lay public
  • cooperate with professional organisations covering translators and ensure their communication with translation companies
  • cooperate with educational institutions in order to raise professional standards of translators in Slovakia
  • draw attention to a provider that does not comply with the applicable directives and standards for translation service providers
  • represent and defend the interests of their members in relation to state authorities and other social organisations
  • support exchange traineeships for young translators and interpreters, organise training for beginners in the field
  • conduct market surveys in terms of availability of translation and interpretation literature, dictionaries and support material and contribute to its improvement