ATCSK has elected new leadership team


Katarína Absolonová, the CEO of, has been elected as the President of the ATCSK organization, while Maja Novković from exe localization has been chosen as the Secretary. These appointments mark a significant development in the leadership of the translation industry.
As the newly elected President, Katarína Absolonová brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her role. Her position as the CEO of has equipped her with extensive knowledge of the industry and its challenges. With her visionary leadership, she aims to drive the association towards greater achievements and advancements.
Katarína's main focus as President will be on strengthening the collaboration between translation companies and universities. By fostering these partnerships, she aims to enhance the quality of education and training provided to future translators and linguists. This will contribute to a skilled workforce and ensure the long-term sustainability of the industry.
In addition, Katarína is determined to advocate for the interests of association members on the European stage. She will actively participate in meetings and conferences organized by relevant translation industry associations, such as the EUATC, to ensure that the voices and concerns of Slovakian translation companies are heard and addressed at a European level.
As for Maja Novković, her appointment as the Secretary brings a fresh perspective and valuable insights to the association. With her experience in exe localization, she will play a crucial role in coordinating internal communications, managing administrative tasks, and supporting the President in achieving the association's goals.
Together, Katarína Absolonová and Maja Novković will work closely to promote the interests of association members, strengthen collaborative efforts, and increase visibility in the job market. Through their dedicated leadership, they aim to elevate the translation industry in Slovakia and create a thriving and supportive environment for professionals in the field.
The election of Katarína Absolonová as President and Maja Novković as Secretary signifies a new era of leadership for the translation industry. With their passion, knowledge, and determination, they are well-positioned to drive positive change and propel the industry towards greater success.